Mondottica get major updates for their InterSell ecommerce site

Global designer & distributor of fashion and lifestyle eyewear brands, Mondottica Group, use our B2B ecommerce platform, InterSell, to power their trade website.

Keen to refresh and optimise their ecommerce channel, Mondottica asked us to update their website visuals with a new skin. At the same time we took the opportunity to upgrade both the customer-facing portal and the back-end management functions

As well as a general tidy up of the catalogue structure we also made some bigger changes.  
For Mondottica’s customers, their budgets will now go further with the benefit of discount voucher codes for either whole order discounts or product specific discounts, depending on what Mondottica decide to set up.  
Getting to know Mondottica’s products will be easier as well, with the addition of 360 degree video popups within the product detail page.  
For Mondottica, management of their trade website has become easier. Integration with the Product Information Management on SkooCloud means product attributes, such as size or colour, will pull through to the trade website. 

We’ve also integrated product templates within the middleware (Databridge) which sits between Mondottica’s ERP and their InterSell website. This will allow Mondottica to build a variety of product lists – such as ‘Best Sellers’, or ‘Spring/Summer 2022’ – which will then feed through to both their trade website and the field sales app they source from us.

These additional functions will improve Mondottica’s brand identity, enhance their online sales message and refine their ecommerce management.

Aspin Developer, Ozair Ali, says The integration of DataBridge templates in InterSell allows Mondottica to create a collection of products that can be shown on the website at a special offer price. The process of creating a template can be achieved by downloading a blank excel template, adding products and re-uploading so they can make changes in bulk. Of course, the main advantage is that templates are centralised so they can be used in both PixSell and InterSell.

InterSell is our B2B ecommerce platform which enables wholesalers, distributors and brands to offer their customers a seamless, intuitive and user-friendly online buying experience. Essentially, InterSell allows our customers to sell more and better.

If you’d like to talk to us about how InterSell could improve your web sales, call us on 01794 500 200, or drop us a line using [email protected].

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