PixSell the perfect tool for the Carl Kammerling sales team:

Hand tool manufacturers Carl Kammerling (CKI) were looking to enhance their methods of taking orders out in the field. A long standing working relationship with Aspin had seen them make the transition to iPad ordering with PixSell – equipping their sales reps with the resources to take large orders.

“We did not hesitate with PixSell”

PixSell was implemented at Carl Kammerling in 2012. Having first used Aspin’s MiniSell solution in 2004, then our trade eCommerce product InterSell – adopting iPad ordering with PixSell was a natural progression. “We have been delighted with the ease by which InterSell has worked with our ERP system and back office,” Marketing Manager Paul Fallon told us. “Therefore, when PixSell came along we did not hesitate to get involved.”

“We have been delighted with the ease by which InterSell has worked with our ERP system and back office, therefore, when PixSell came along we did not hesitate to get involved.”

Paul Fallon – Marketing Manager

“Improved productivity time with a customer”

Giving the reps access to all the relevant product information and imagery has meant that they are able to communicate more clearly and effectively with a customer when on a call. CKI are reaping the rewards of PixSell’s presentation elements – allowing them to showcase full product brochures where they can utilise PDFs and videos. “The reps can access all the product information they need at the touch of a button,” Paul said. “The ability to bring product collections to life has made it easier for our reps to communicate more clearly the different price deals. The presentation of new products is greatly improved where we can use video and imagery.”

“Sales order history maximises selling opportunity”

For Carl Kammerling, being able to monitor both individual rep activity and specific customer history has ensured that more productive orders can be taken. Through the use of PixSell’s activity reports module, the rep is able to organise their own daily visits and activities. With PixSell’s reporting tool – managers are able to view online reports which show the reps’ activity and sales. “We have seen an improved sales turnover and a greater number of customer visits in day,” Paul said. “Our reps have an improved customer intelligence and they are visiting the right customers on a regular basis in alignment with their journey plan. The more information available to them, the more likely they are to close a sale.”

“The aim for the next calendar year is to have 40% of all orders placed via our InterSell trade site”

Through using PixSell’s sales intelligence module, the CKI reps have a greater insight into specific customer and location data – including customer sales history, sales by each individual product and sales by territory. With this information to hand, the rep is able to forward plan their field visits and identify specific areas and customers to target. “We are able to identify range gaps and key selling opportunities for each customer account,” Paul said. “This gives the rep the maximum sales potential in front of the customer. PixSell has definitely delivered additional sales to our bottom line since its inception because of this feature.”

A major positive for Carl Kammerling is the long-standing working relationship with Aspin which has continued to evolve. “We feel that Aspin’s culture of continuous improvement and innovation is aligned very closely with our own,” Paul said. “This has made for a winning partnership and we are pleased to be able to continue with this.”

“Carl Kammerling and Aspin is a winning partnership”