CBG Giftware PixSell Case Study

CBG Giftware PixSell case study

“Without PixSell, we could not have reps in Europe” – CGB Giftware praise the impact of PixSell.

In as little as six months after CGB Giftware’s PixSell project went live, they reported an increase in average order value. They’ve since expanded the app for use across their European sales team.

Since launching PixSell, order turnaround times for CGB customers have significantly decreased, thanks to the reps’ ability to take digital orders on the spot.

Each CGB sales rep has access to full product data, up to stock stock information and accurate customer-specific pricing from any location — allowing the business to expand their field sales. The CGB sales team consists of eight reps who use PixSell to take orders on the road, and another dozen using it at exhibitions.

CGB’s sales team are more productive with PixSell. With access to individual customer accounts and order history, reps can prioritise which products to up-sell, on top of their regular order. As a result, average order value has increased for the business.

“Since launching PixSell, we are seeing multiple benefits at head office and on the road. Our entire selling process is much more efficient, and our average order value has gone up as a result. The thing that really sold the system to me was the easy accessibility of data — our reps have everything in one place. Without the system, it would not have been possible to expand our field sales to Europe”


  • Before adopting PixSell, CGB Giftware’s field sales process was incoherent. Each rep would visit a customer with printed sales aids and individually designed catalogues. On occasions, once a product had been discontinued, it would be ripped out of the catalogue by the rep. This seemed unprofessional and did not reflect the businesses’ brand image.
  • CGB would lose a lot of time when launching a new product. Each item would be released with professional photos, which required printing, before being posted to the reps to add to their catalogues. Getting new products to reps took up to 12 days.
  • At head office, a lot of extra work was created for the head office admin team. Prior to customer visits, each rep would call up to ask for additional product information. When time was available the rep would send back their orders to be manually processed, resulting in dispatch delays and errors.


  • With PixSell, management at CBG are reassured that all reps are following the same process. PixSell has been designed to reflect the CGB brand, with each product categorised into different ranges. Each rep has stock level information, alongside guidance on seasonal selling, enabling them to up-sell.
  • PixSell enables CGB to launch a product within hours. Product photos are automatically imported into SkooCloud asset management system, before being synced to reps’ PixSell app on their iPads. With reps able to access this from any location, the app has since been rolled out for use across Europe.
  • CGB’s reps are more self-sufficient with PixSell. Since launch, calls to head office have been eradicated meaning less pressure on the admin team. Orders are synced to the ERP system, with no requirement for manual processing, eliminating mistakes and increasing efficiency.

“Next year, we want 40% of order processed through PixSell. We’ll be looking to incentivise the purchasing process further with customer loyalty schemes and promotional codes to give reps and agents more flexibility with pricing.”