The top five ‘must have’ features for your next B2B order taking app

If you’re a distributor looking to upgrade your current sales app, or invest in your first one, you’ll doubtless be wondering what features you should be looking out for.

A good sales app can make or break your field sales team.

But, with a seemingly endless stream of possibilities, how do you choose which app is the right one for you? 

First, the best thing to do is build an initial short-list of software providers.

You’ll want to search for long-standing, reputable companies with a proven track record. Asking around your network for some personal recommendations is always a good idea too. Once you have your short-list, approach those firms and ask to see some customer testimonials and case studies to back up their claims. You could even ask to reach out to some of their customers to hear a more balanced view.

Once you’ve found two or three providers you want to consider, you’ll need to think about the functionality their products provide. 

Whilst each sales and digital catalogue app will look different, they will all share some core features. On top of this, there are apps which will offer a higher level of functionality. These have the ability to take your sales results to the next level. 

So, which functions should you be looking for? 

Features to look for

Digital Product Catalogue 

Your reps need to present your products in their best light. The ability to hold your entire product catalogue on your sales app is an important one. Bear in mind some apps will give you limited capacity, meaning you’ll still need to use physical catalogues to show off your whole product range. If your chosen app has the ability to live sync to and from your ERP system, your reps can be confident they’re working with the most up to data information.

“PixSell is a great app that suits our products very well. The ability to visually show our whole product catalogue in high quality images is brilliant. It greatly assists our sales teams.”

Ease of Ordering

The joy of a mobile sales app is being able to process and confirm your orders on the spot. Whether you’re at your exhibition trade stand, in your customer’s store or even at home using screen sharing via video call.

Of course, you won’t always have a reliable wifi connection out on the road or at tradeshows, so the ability to function offline is a must. Creating PDF quotes and order confirmations will give your sales team an enviable level of professionalism. Whilst barcode scanning will make quick work of order taking.

An added bonus would be quick links to your customers’ order history direct from each product listing. Meaning you won’t have to search through their account when asked “how many did I order last time?” A good app will also enable you to send your PDFs straight to your customer directly through third party apps such as Gmail or WhatsApp, saving the bother of downloading and uploading.

“PixSell has helped focus our sales teams and put life back in to each sales call. Easy to use meaning more time selling and less time taking orders.”

Marketing and Promotions

Some sales apps will feature important marketing functions such as ‘offers and promotions’ to assist your sales team with their upselling targets. 

BOGOFs and % discounts will increase your sales revenue, give added value to your customers and help manage any stock issues. End of line products can be cleared quickly and high margin items can be used as tempting ‘add-ons’ to existing orders. Some apps will go a step further with the ability to host product presentations and videos. This gives you a chance to offer your customers polished and engaging sales pitches. Putting you in a league above your competitors.

“Our sales team have all the information they need in one place. Any business that wants to have the competitive edge over their competition really should invest in PixSell now.”

Account and Customer Data

It will help your team exceed targets if your sales app does more than simply list basic customer details.  
Comprehensive information such as order and invoicing history – together with reporting functionality – means your sales reps have finger-tip access to valuable insights like ‘Sales by Quarter’, ‘Unfulfilled Items’ or ‘Top 10 Products’. Being able to filter customer information like this means your reps’ visits become more effective. They’ll sell more and they’ll sell better.  
Having all the data you need on one app also negates the need to switch between multiple apps and devices. Some of the better apps will also let you take photos and store them within the customer account details. This is particularly useful for recording any shelf space your products aren’t currently filling. 

Tracking and Reporting

Some sales apps do more than just take orders. Some also act as a valuable management tool. Reps, Sales Managers and Head Office will all benefit from the extensive reporting and data filtering functions that a more advanced app will offer.

Some apps allow reps to easily sort their customers and prospects by buying history, spend, geographical location and more. Mapping functions are also possible, meaning planning a day’s schedule becomes much easier and opportunities aren’t missed.

Sales Managers will like being able to view live sales results throughout the day for both people and products, as well as monitoring rep activity. Any issues can then be quickly spotted and rectified immediately.

“PixSell is extremely good. We are able to log onto the reporting as and when I wish to see how the reps are performing. It really is perfect for us.”

When looking at which B2B sales app you want to commit to, be sure to take the time to really understand the features and functions on offer.

Try to think how those functions might help transform your sales processes, increase your sales value and grow your profits. Any app you choose should be easy to use and offer both reps and customers a seamless experience.

Also consider the support on offer post-launch. A great app is no good if getting help when you need it is difficult and slow.

“My call is always responded to promptly. The support team have a full understanding of the product along with a calm, friendly but professional manner.” Portmeirion Group Plc

Aspin has been providing B2B eCommerce solutions for wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors since 1984 and have a proven track record at supplying eCommerce products that help our customers sell more and sell better. If you would like to discuss how our B2B digital catalogue and sales app for iOS, PixSell, might work for your business, call us on 01794 500 200. Or drop us a line using [email protected].

You can also take a look at our PixSell page here and download some useful PDFs.

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