How to increase B2B sales using an iPad

Tablets are the sales tool of choice for today’s reps and agents. But how can you use a tablet or iPad to increase your B2B sales?

With the right B2B sales app on your iPad, it’s possible to create real visual impact. You can showcase your whole product catalogue, or a specially curated mini-collection, as well as generating personalised content specific to the season, occasion or audience. With an iPad your catalogue is easily mobile, meaning everything you need is immediately to hand, whether you’re exhibiting, working from home or out on the road.

Many B2B sales apps will work offline, meaning you don’t have to stop when you’re without WiFi. They also provide up to date information, including stock levels and pricing. Throw in some data filtering capabilities, along with some analytics, and you’ll find an iPad is all you need.

How your iPad can increase your B2B sales

In the field

When you’re out on the road, it helps to have all the information you could possibly need at your finger-tips, such as up-to-date stock levels and full customer history.

And not having to lug around heavy paper catalogues, or constantly call head office with queries, will save you time and ensure you look like the professional you are.

“Some retailers don’t want you in their shop for long. PixSell is so quick and easy to use, you can be in and out of calls in no time, still with a good sized order” Ty UK Limited

Advanced filtering abilities within a B2B sales app will make your sales appointments focussed, quick and to the point. We all know that too much choice can be a bad thing. So, instead of offering your customers an overwhelming list of hundreds of products, use filters to only show them your ‘Top 10’ or ‘New’ products. You could even pre-build bespoke lists such as ‘Discuss next visit’, or ‘Best for spring’.

For you own benefit, filtering a large customer list can help your day run smoother and your workload more manageable. Perhaps you only want to see customers who haven’t bought in the last 6 months, or those whose YTD spend is over £X, or their invoices are overdue.

Maps can also be a feature, pinpointing accounts near to your current location, or planning your route based on your booked appointments.

Aesthetic Presence

Show off your products in their best light using presentations on your white-labelled catalogue and sales app.

“It only takes a few quick steps to make a real visual impact.”

With your own branding, your sales app will reflect your unique brand identity. Solidifying customer familiarity, trust and loyalty.

Play video demos and lifestyle ads, or eye-catching catalogue presentations, to really get your message across and ensure you’re selling the finer points of your products.

Increasing the visual impact of your digital catalogue enhances your customer experience and shows your brand to be modern, professional and on top of your game – a reliable and safe pair of hands.


Events are really where your iPad will come into its own. Whether you’re at a tradeshow, or speaking at a networking event, with the right app you’ll be able to present your pre-recorded demos. You’ll also appreciate being able to quickly pull together product walk-throughs or show off mini-collections specific to your audience.

You app will work offline as well, which you’ll find an essential function when exhibiting in large conference centres with patchy WiFi connections.

Good presentations will help you attract more business at events, but selling is the ultimate goal. With a good B2B sales app for your iPad, you can quickly set up temporary accounts for new customers, put together their order and immediately send them a PDF confirmation. Necessary credit checks and further account details can be finalised back at the office.

Some sales apps will even have special ‘exhibiting’ functions, giving you broader parameters to work with. This will make your order taking process slicker and more customer focused.

Marketing and Promotions

“PixSell is fantastic! We love it. It’s the best tool the company has ever invested in. It saves us so much time. It’s brilliant” Ravensburger A.G.

Offers like ‘BOGOF’, ‘Buy X and get Y Free’ and ‘10% off A, B & C’ will all help you to increase your up-sell ratio. As well as providing your customers with best value for money and an enhanced customer experience.

Some of the more nuanced apps will make product suggestions for any out of stock products, ensuring you don’t miss a sale because of stock issues. You might also get post-basket recommendations such as ‘You might like this’ based on the products your customer has ordered.


Understanding how you’re performing is arguably the most useful information you could have in order to decide your next course of action. Which is why most B2B sales apps will have some kind of analytics function. How deep those analytics run can vary.

“The ability to see live stock availability has meant that our delivery times have been much quicker. The iPad is a very professional looking tool to use out in the field.” LG Harris & Co Ltd

At the very least you’ll have access to your ‘sales in £ by month’ history. But it’s even better if you can have access to reports such as ‘Sales by product’, ‘Sales by territory’, ‘Top 10 customers by growth’, ‘Units sold per quarter’ or more.

When you spot patterns you can intervene to fix problems quick, change direction to take advantage of a change in customer pattern, or put extra effort into selling something that’s not performing as it should.

All of these B2B sales app functions are built to empower you to make the most of your time and the most of the data available to you. If you have all the information and functionality you could possibly want in your hand, you’ll spend less time on the phone to head office. Less time searching through long lists of customers and products. And more time placing orders.

Aspin is a provider of B2B sales solutions for wholesalers, distributors and brands. Our ecosystem of sales software includes PixSell, our B2B Digital Catalogue and Sales App. InterSell, our B2B eCommerce Platform for online trade sales. And SkooCloud, our cloud-based Product Information and Digital Asset Management tool.

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